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If Hardware Sales doesn't have it, they'll order it ... if they can't order it, you don't need it!

Glenn Hawley

If Hardware Sales doesn't have it, they'll order it ... if they can't order it, you don't need it!

Glenn Hawley
Painting Products
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How can we help you with your painting needs?

We are your one-stop paint, stain and adhesives center! Our expert paint staff can computer-match your paint sample, ensuring a perfect finish every time! Check out our Do It Best paint line made by Sherwin-Williams. We carry premium products for all of your gluing and coating needs as well as a variety of preparation and application tools to get your job done right. Come on in and talk to Terry, Eric, or Bruce.

Looking for the following?

We carry varnish, stains & oils, bonders, polycarbonate, polyurethane, spackling, grouts, roof coatings, butyl-rubber, texture products, concrete, joint compound, preservatives, sealers & washes, fiberglass, paint strainers, paint hardeners, paint mitts, paint sponges, paint hardeners, paint rollers, paint removers, paint mixers, paint cans, paint buckets, paint pails, paint trays, paint grids, paint strippers, paint thinner, emery cloth, galvanizer spray, floor levelers, silica sand, mildew killers, caulks & glazing, cleaners, glues & cements, adhesives & epoxy, steel & bronze wool, patches & fillers, walnut shells, coloring agents, metal etches, drop cloths, filament tape, sealing tape, packaging tape, butyl tape, putty tape, mounting tape, carpet tape, PVC tape, reflective tape, fluorescent tape, iridescent tape, marking tape, safety tape, DOT tape, glazing tape, naphtha, turpentine, M.E.K., xylene, toluene, linseed oil, alcohol, muriatic acid, tile tools, grout tools, drywall tools, floats & trowels, rasps & cutters, scrapers, rust neutralizers and much more!

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