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We carry pruners, loppers, shears, scoops, rakes, hoes, carts, axes, thatchers, edgers, picks, composters, barn forks, scythes, weeders, brush hooks, machetes, irrigators, aerators, augers, planters, spreaders, rollers, wheelbarrows, shovels/spades, tampers, tillers, post diggers, cultivators, bird houses/feeders, lures & traps & bait, water hoses, hose components, vegetation killers, soil meters/testers, pruning sealers, lawn mowers, shredders, mixers, chain saws, blowers, power trimmers, power edgers, brush cutters, patio heaters, sprinkler systems, repellants & killers, bug zappers, plant food, plant stimulants, potting/topsoil, manure, peat moss, beauty bark, pesticides, herbicides, plant netting, sprayers, fencing, berry wire, and much more!

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